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Piperazine Pyrophosphate

2020-12-31 13:18:08


Piperazine pyrophosphate is a new kind of environmental flame retardant with nitrogen and Phosphorus coexisting, suitable for flame retardant of polyolefin, thermoplastic elastomer and other products. Piperazine pyrophosphate flame retardant has excellent carbonization and flame retardation properties. During combustion, a dense carbonization layer is formed on the surface of the product to insulate oxygen and prevent flame spread. It has the characteristics of low density and low smoke. Piperazine pyrophosphate produced by our new process has been greatly improved in flame retardation, compatibility and precipitation resistance. Widely used in polyolefin, ternary ethylene propylene rubber products flame retardant.

Packing: Compound paper bag packing, 25Kg/ bag,

Storage: Keep in a dry and ventilated place

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